Ages 10 - 12

Upper Primary

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p100: STarting from scratch

P200: Mobile App Developer

P300: Python


Scratch 1 Course for Kids (10 – 12)

Develop your Child’s Logical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills with Coding

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Designed specifically for children (age 10-12) who are completely new to programming / coding, this program introduces our children to a lifelong skill that is important for the future.

Children will be starting using Scratch to build a solid foundation in programming. They will first complete Scratch Beginner I (10 hours) then move on to Scratch Beginner II (10 hours). In Scratch Beginner I, students will be introduced to the concept of game creation and learn how to effectively use the different blocks in Scratch to form their own program, animation, or game. Scratch Beginner II builds on that to introduce more advanced concepts such as variables, strings and so forth, allowing students to polish their programs to a higher level of complexity.

At the end of the course, students feel empowered to create, design and develop computational media which they enjoy in their daily lives. They start their journey to build the next blockbuster game (Eg. Angry Birds or Flappy Bird) here.

Most importantly, this programme strengthens their logical and problem-solving skills which are useful in many aspects of life, be it immediately in their studies (e.g. Mathematics Problem Sums, Science, etc) or in the future.

Want to know more? Read our FAQ on our coding for kids courses here.


Who is this for?

Children 10-12 years old

No prior knowledge required

Laptop provided (one per child)

Maximum tutor to student ratio of 1: 8

Class Structure

2 Full-Day Camp: 
9.30am - 5pm
(Lunch included)

Weekend Classes:
1pm - 6pm (5H x 2 days)


2 Full-Day Camp: 
RM 495

*Earlybird discount : 5% off

*Up till 10 Days prior to course commencement, subject to availability

Austin heights

Holiday Camps (2 Full-Day)
Weekend Classes (2 x 5H)

(Call +60 18 777 1702 to find out more!)

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Course Outline

Introduction to Scratch
Explore scratch and familiarise with interface.
Create a lifetime account
Join the global network of Scratchers

What Is Programming
Understand the fundamental of programming with a simple code your human robot exercise
Learn to program the Scratch Cat the perform the motions you want
Loops, events and parallelism


Make your program come alive with animation
Create your own characters, coordinate interactions
Learn to debug your program

Gaming time
Learn how to build interactive games
Add your own score count and games.

Project Showcase
Work on your game/app/animation concept
Use the techniques you have learned
Show and tell